Tell the Federal Government to stop the Australian export of hammerheads for shark fin soup!

Marine Conservation

Hammerhead sharks are on the verge of receiving Federal protection as an endangered species. But we need your help to make it happen!

Following nominations from Humane Society International, Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg is considering whether to protect great, scalloped and smooth hammerhead sharks as Endangered under our national environment law – the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Hammerheads are endangered due to the shark fin trade, with fins from almost 370 tonnes of hammerheads allowed to be exported from Australia every year, fuelling the demand for shark fin soup. Australia’s shark control programs are also threatening the species with almost 15,000 hammerheads having been killed in Queensland’s Shark Control Program since its inception, and over 5,000 killed in the NSW shark meshing program.

We need to convince the Federal Environment Minister that these species of hammerhead sharks deserve to be listed as Endangered, over a lesser listing as Conservation Dependent. A Conservation Dependant listing will mean that these globally endangered species will still be allowed to be taken commercially in Australian fisheries, and exported to Asia for shark fin soup. This is no different to allowing elephants to be killed for ivory or tigers for their skins. To allow that to happen to an endangered species from Australian waters would be a disgrace.

We need to let the Minister know that these species should no longer be targeted by Australian fisheries and that they should be given the protection they deserve.

Use our online form below to tell Minister Frydenberg to protect our important top predators.

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I am a scuba diver and know that the oceans need apex animals to stay in balance. Please protect these beautiful creatures.

Thank you. Nature has a balance which you seem to realize and all species are necessary and important.I would love to scuba dive someday (where it is warm).

With our stewardship of nature comes an implicit responsibility to avoid doing harm. Human caused impacts fall not only on individual animals, but also on the overall integrity of ecosystems and on nature itself.

Stop victimising sharks, they have a right to live their own lives. Life in the oceans is hard enough now, stop it being harder just to supply people with a flavouring for soup.

Platypuses need a safe home, if Australia is that place currently, please don’t abuse torture then murder any of them. They just need a place to live, or please build a safe loving caring kind sanctuary for them now please. I pray amen

Please don’t let Hammerhead Sharks be slaughtered for consumption…. These beautiful animals need our protection Now & Always.

Please ensure Australia serves as an example and leaves a legacy of courage and intelligence in protecting our wildlife against unnecessary culinary fancy. Only the tiniest sector of our communities ever regrets such decisions.

Agreed – absolutely deplorable to permit the destruction of sharks for a completely non-essential foodstuff. Should outlaw this trade not expand it.

Australia is better than this – exporting our hammerheads for shark-fin soup – c’mon that’s rubbish and our government surely knows it.

Please stop this cruelty. If this goes on very soon marine life will become extinct. Enough of damage is constantly being done.


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