Save our Marine Sanctuaries

Marine Conservation

The Turnbull Government has released its draft plans for our suspended National Network of Marine Sanctuaries. 

Unbelievably, they have completely ignored their own science recommendations, the voice of the Australian public and the pleas of local communities.

Devastating cutbacks are proposed for our best-loved marine treasures right around the country, opening the door to destructive commercial fishing and to oil and gas giants at Lord Howe, Geographe Bay, Perth Canyon, the Great Australian Bight, the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Kimberley, and the Coral Sea – the cradle to the Great Barrier Reef.

But these plans are not set in stone. They’re asking for your feedback.

Add your name today to stop this madness and save our sanctuaries. Please also consider adding in your address or postcode so we can send a copy of your letter to your local MP.

The deadline for submissions for this Take Action has now passed. Please click here to see what other actions you can take. 

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This disgusting trade and export of Hammerhead sharks for Shark Fin soup from Australia is shameful, The cruelty involved is beyond deplorable, The sharks’ suffer incredibly. How would you like your arms cut off whilst alive and then tossed overboard like a piece of garbage to slowly drown . . . Shame on the government!!

Please, stop exporting Hammerhead sharks for shark fin soup! It’s a barbaric practice to cut their fins off!
Thank you

I am writing to ask you to stop the disgraceful trade of exporting hammerhead sharks for shark fin soup.Shaarks are killed mercilessly for something that human beings do not need.

We should be expanding our marine sanctuaries. As a scuba diver I have seen the devastation in other parts of the world.

Our environment is not a resource for politicians and big businesses to exploit for profit. It is what gives us life and sustains us. Once it is gone then so are we. We need to save our increasingly rare and embattled environments on land and sea.

Given the well known plight of marine animals on the entire planet, why should we have to ask any government to save these precious sanctuaries?!

The health of marine life is entirely dependent upon retention of sanctuary areas. Only these, already limited, areas are safe spaces for marine animals and marine flora.

Currently, and into the future, marine species will struggle to survive pollutants and the profound effects of climate change. It is clear to most Australians that our lives are on the line… oceans are Earth’s cooling system.

Unless we act NOW to extend marine sanctuaries, many species are doomed to extinction… as are we, if we do not act to preserve life on Earth and within our oceans.

I do not support ANY reduction to marine parks or the removal of current protections that exclude mining related activities.

When will ministers finally wake up that if they do the right thing, the votes will just follow. Instead they play stupid politics.

Stop ! completely ignoring your own science recommendations, the voice of the Australian public and the pleas of local communities. ! I DONT SUPPORT ANY REDUCTION to marine parks !

Mr Turnbull
Sadly you have already disappointed on many levels – let the loss of our marine sanctuaries not be a part of your already mediocre legacy


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