Urge the South Korean government to protect all dogs and cats from the cruel dog meat industry

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South Korea is the only country in the world known to intensively breed dogs for human consumption. Thousands of dog meat farms across the country breed an estimated 2.5 million dogs each year who are confined in small, barren cages outdoors. They live in states of perpetual fear, boredom, hunger and disease, often resulting in self-mutilation. For those who survive, their fate is a brutal death at one of the nation’s markets or slaughterhouses.

Most people in South Korea don’t regularly eat dog meat. Public opinion is turning and, like us, they agree that dogs are friends, not food, and that all dogs are equally worthy of compassion and protection from cruelty.

Humane Society International and our partners are committed to ending the dog meat industry in South Korea, by exposing the cruelty, raising vital public and political awareness, and increasing support for a phase out. A vital step towards this goal is the legal recognition of all dogs and cats as companion animals protected from cruelty.

Please sign our petition below calling on the South Korean government to identify all dogs and cats as companion animals under the law regardless of breed or place of birth, and to ban the slaughter of these animals for human consumption.

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Dogs are mans best friend
A gift from God as a companion. They are the most loyal devoted loving animal in earth. Dogs and cats are family pets never meant to be tortured and eaten. Please stop such cruelty and give dogs and cats the life they were neant to have.

thank you brothers & sisters sons & daughters, in Korea, thank the government members who interviewed, for the world is watching, & now we want to visit.
Horror of the past cept the world at bay, kindness is what makes us one world. Thank you from the world.

Dear President Moon,


Dear Sir,

Here we are together beginning the brand New Year of 2018.

I am joining the thousands of people who are respectfully contacting you to ask that you to make it a priority for the South Korea Government to put an end to the dogs and cat animal meat industry in your country.

People in modern countries find the idea of dogs and cats being raised to be eaten as food. Unfortunately industries which have become marginal often attract cruel operators who use cheap and cruel dealings, and abuses to cut costs. They are hard to regulate and control, often being hidden back yard operations.

I strongly support the world-wide Humane Society International campaign to eliminate the use of dogs and cats as food. In South Korea, please legislate this year, to define dogs and cats as specifically companion animals and pets, and prevent them for being used as food.

This will do much to raise the status of South Korea amongst modern nations.

Unfortunately if’s part of their culture to eat dogs and cats. We don’t in the UK as we see them as pets or working dogs. However, it isn’t so much the killing and eating of them that bothers me so much but the way they are killed. These people are heartless, uncaring, cruel and barbaric, evil humans. Any animal reared for eating should have the most humane death these is. That goes for cows, sheep, or whatever. I hate cruelty and suffering of all livings creatures.

Stop this cruelty now, its time to renew your cultures and ways we will not stand for such evil cruel ways anymore!!

Sickening and disturbing that humans can be so cruel to non human animals. We have the ability to understand them and we don’t have to hurt them yet we do every year by the billions. Our society is so barbaric!!! South Koreans aren’t the only society who brutalise innocent, gentle, non human animals. Australia enslaved, tortures and massacres millions of gentle, loving, kind animals that are just like dogs and cats. The barbarity must end, there is no excuse for animal abuse. Humans should be protecting the innocent, not torturing them. Society must embrace animal rights and veganism. It’s the only just way to live. What humans do to non human animals is beyond unfair!!!

Please stop this trade please stop eating dogs and cats stop all cruelty atrocity towards animals dogs and cats and animals thank you


Please, this cruel practice lowers your esteem in the majority of the world. Is it truly necessary to continue this barbaric system. We believe it would improve your standing and help change the resentment that we feel when the USA sends you funds.

These beautiful souls have been domesticated to be our companions, all they want to do is please their human family. They deserve to be cherished and respected for the true gift and blessing they are. No animal deserves to be tortured or disrespected in such a horrific, painful way. This barbaric trade must be stopped now.

How evil are human beings, if you can call them humans. No animal is like this which is why I like more then the human race. It absolutely breaks my heart to see any animal that is not treated with the utmost respect.

I can’t believe we have people eating DOG ??? There is no excuse or reason on earth as to why a person needs to beat a dog to death and eat it? Don’t visit South Korea or any country that mistreats animals full stop as this is a representation of the people who live there. Thank you.

How long do I have to look at these terrible pictures and videos? …. they must be crazy these “people”!

Please in the name of HUMANITY stop the slaughter of these beautiful animals. Dogs and cats are family pets they were never meant to be tortured and eaten.

This is a heinous act on animals that are our friends. Dogs save lives, serve the handicapped, protect our police and military, and are the best friends you will ever have. The moral compass if a nation is how they treat their animals.

Please stop this now! This is not right! Animals are our friends and love us unconditionally.

Tiere, sind Lebewesen! Dessen, sind Sie sich bewusst? Sie sind Menschen, dann handeln Sie menschlich und zügig. Nehmen, Sie Ihre Verantwortung, bitte. Man erntert stets das was man sät. Vergessen, Sie dies nicht. Zivilisierte, Gesellschaft? Traurig, dass man Petionen unterschreiben muss. Dies, sollte selbstverständlich sein. Merci.

This is just the ugliest form of evil that should be wiped out. There are consequences to pay as a collective group that are desensitized to all living beings made to suffer beyond what we could ever imagine.

South Korean Government,

Please stop this barbaric and cruel dog killing for food. I can’t believe a country like yours, a part of the free world, could do something so horrible.

Today I saw a poor dog with his skin half off. What a terrible sight. Skinning the dogs alive. How do you sleep at night?
Please consider stopping this ritual. I would love to visit your country but will not until dogs become companions again and not meat.

Thank you,
Ela Simon• connect with like minded people

This cruelty must stop now..Dogs and cats are our companion animals, which feel everything we do but cannot express themselves with words..what is happening with the stealing,torture and consumption of our dogs and cats is downright criminal.it must be stopped NOW

Yes it’s horrendous. Apparently they believe that the more the dog suffers, the more tender the meat will be. Another killing method is hanging the dog from a tree and beating it until it dies. Other torture methods too but I’m sickened even typing what I have. Nothing compared to the suffering of the animals.

It hurt me to even think that these people eat dogs and cats and they way they kill them , the more the pain the sweeter the meat where the hell do they come from u human sick disgusted with this country, stop it now

this atrocity should have been stopped long ago. To torture any animal for food, clothing or entertainment is cowardly and disgusting. Only those without a conscience or compassion do these acts. Stop it. Boycotting products from Asia tell this stops.

please stop this horrible trade it is so sickening stop being so cruel isn’t there enough cruelty going on in this world ! Makes me feel so sad

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi

Humankind owes dogs a huge debt. They have been with us throughout the ages as companions, loyal & loving friends, therapists, police/rescue dogs and war assistants. Furthermore they are known to willingly lay down their lives protecting the humans they love. Eating them as food is NOT how we are to repay them. THIS ENTIRE INDUSTRY HAS TO CLOSE DOWN NOW.

Hi, Back in the 90’s it was the ‘in thing’ to teach a second language, I chose Korean, I had the opportunity to visit your beautiful country and host a Friendship Force visit in my home. My message is do not eat any animal.

A society is judged by the way it treats its animals. I would hope that South Korea would like to be considered a civilised society. This means that all animals should be treated with kindness, respect and compassion. Eating dogs is simply out of the question.

Dogs are sociable animals that trust, love and live with humans as companions. No animal deserves to be treated in such a cruel manner. A disgrace!

Dogs are man’s best friend. To kill a dog is to kill someones best friend and this in an unimaginable cruel way.

This abuse and massacre of innocent dogs and cats is just as bad as the abuse and massacre of innocent chickens, cows, pigs, sheep. Koreans aren’t the only humans who have been indoctrinated into violence towards animals. Us Australians are just as barbaric. Stop the prejudice, stop the abuse. Animal liberation for all not just dogs and cats!!

Truly beyond horrific and depraved. This new leader has done nothing to stop this holocaust. This damn country promotes itself as beautiful and welcoming. It is anything but. Please boycott all products and events, including The Olympics 2018, until something is done to stop this horrific atrocity.

This barbaric behaviors with killing dogs has got to STOP. Dogs are intelligent animals and pets. GOD MADE THEM FOR US. AND THEY ARE OUR LOYALFRIENDS.

This has sicken me it is barbaric you dont breed dogs to eat them you make them your friends We have a very sick society today where people dont have any compassion or empathy idont know how you can see all this happening and you struggle to do your very best for these wonderful animals .you are very special people and iwish you all the the best to shut down all these dog trades they are the animals

You guys saving these dogs are amazing keep up the good work . We must shut this barbaric industry down for good the sooner the better.

Our voiceless friends from around the globe echo –
“thank you HSI for educating those humans who farm us,
please don’t ever give up
until all humans are educated
to treat us with the kindness
that they would themselves
wish to be treated with”

Why does this country have to be so cruel!? Stop the torture and cruelty of all animals. There is no need for it. Where are your hearts? Haven’t you heard of Humane?

Surely this must stop now. How can any government allow this cruel.practice to continue. Please stop this barbaric practice now.

Ditto all the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We live in a world full of evil and cruelty.My heart breaks for the poor innocent defenseless animals that are unbelievably tortured by people of some nations ,what they do to their animals cannot be understood by the rest of the world watching on.The Creator gave humans the instruction to care for animals not abuse them!!

What these beautiful animals get put through is horrendous. There is no need to hurt any creature. Ever. Please stop this now.

I am sickened at this cruelty towards mans best friend. PLEASE STOP THIS BARBARIC ACTIVITY. You should be ashamed and disgusted at yourselves.

This is the most abhorrent and most disgusting practice which is totally unecessary !
This is seriously doing my head in ! Please pleasee Stop !
STOP , STOP STOP , this haenous torture !
If you already know dogs n cats are friend not food why and how is this continuing !
Make those food places that serve or use dog use signs or notices so ALL of us
make sure we deliberately avoid a nd shame these places !

Das a schlachten von Hunde und Katzen soll endlich verboten werden. Ich habe schon des öfteren unterschrieben wie andere Leuten auch aber es wird nichts gemacht die armen Tiere brauchen unsere Hilfe ich kann schon nachts kein Auge mehr zu machen ich muß immer an sie denken ich kann mich nicht mehr auf was anderes konzentrieren bitte bitte helft den armen Tieren sie können sich nicht wehren. Danke schon

Gerechtigkeit für die Hunde, stopt das Züchten für das bestialische Abschlachten der Hunde für Ihr Fleisch. Hunde und Katzen sind Lebewesen mit Gefühlen und einer Seele, wie der Mensch. Sehr hohe Bestrafung für die Tierqualer und Tiermoerder.

Please protect these beautiful creatures. Be compassionate and defend the defenceless, because we all know in our heart’s it is right, and to do less harms us all.

I want to request the banning of animals meat trade all over Asia and establish a law for protecting animals againts it and to stop this kind of disgusting and terrifying activities againts animals . Thank you people from HSI for supporting and documenting this kind of illegal activities and have done a tremendous job informing and posting it on public for people’s attention . Keep up with your good work and convince people as much as you can to illegalised this kind of trade and banned it. We have to work together towards this and the more people who protest againts it the better for animals sake. God bless the animals and us as their protector. 🙏😭❤️


Please show the world that you can become humane and ethical in your treatment of animals. The world is not stupid and your ugly truths are being brought into the light daily. So very sad that this is allowed in the 21st century, when it’s been proven that this trade is more dangerous to humans and that has no value in societies as this is not medicinal or helpful to human bodies, just lies and myths that have been proven to be not true as they are myths and superstitions. Just heart breaking that humanity and honor has died in these countries and people. So dark and evil but condoned by brutal and sick governments who don’t value innocent lives, animals or humans.

This dredfull and horrific torture and killing of dogs and cats MUST END. The world is evolving and this sort of behavior does not fit in an evolved civilized world. They look to use for protection and what is happening in these countries is nothing less than an atrocity.

Please Protect Dogs and Cats from cruelty and torture. They should not have to endure such suffering and misery. It is not right, or just. I as one person can not stand the cruelties that are inflicted on these poor helpless Dogs and Cats. I do not know how the perpetrators of these evil tortures live with themselves. I do not understand why it continues. It has no meaning or purpose other than to cause hurt to another living being, who never harmed anyone. The Dog and Cat Meat Trade is nothing more than a Sadistic Criminal Enterprise that needs to be Shut Down Forever, and the Criminals thrown in Prison! End This Cruel Wicked Trade!

These cruel action are what nightmares are made out of, millions around the world are depressed and sick in knowing and seeing dogs being slaughtered. Stop this horrific trade it disgusts me



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