Urge Minister Frydenberg to protect threatened habitat for koalas and swift parrots!

Wildlife Protection

Australia’s Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, is due to make a listing decision for Poplar Box Grassy Woodland on Alluvial Plains – a Threatened Ecological Community nominated by Humane Society International (HSI) in 2013. Once it passes this final hurdle, the grassy woodlands will become the 28th national ecological community to be initiated by HSI’s successful habitat protection program.

Poplar Box Grassy Woodland on Alluvial Plains, of which more than 75% have been cleared, provide vital habitat for many plants and animals including threatened and iconic species such as the swift parrot, koala, bush stone-curlew and Australian bustard. Listing the community under Federal environmental law will provide additional protection for the most important remnants, and assist landholder participation in the recovery process.

Evidence provided in HSI’s nomination has now been assessed by the Threatened Species Scientific Committee (TSSC), which determined that Poplar Box Grassy Woodland on Alluvial Plains is eligible for an Endangered listing. It found that the woodland has become severely fragmented, particularly in its northern extent, which has resulted in fewer, more isolated patches, spaced further apart in the landscape.

Having passed through the assessment process, Minister Frydenberg must now make a decision on the ecological community by the end of August. But there is no reason to wait! The TSSC’s findings are clear and should not be politicised – an immediate listing is the correct course of action and is needed to save this ecosystem under threat.

A Federal Environment Minister has never failed to list a Threatened Ecological Community following TSSC advice to do so, and we need your help to make sure it stays that way by getting Poplar Box Grassy Woodland on Alluvial Plains over the line! Please write to Minister Frydenberg and let him know that this wildlife habitat is too important to lose:

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Tourists from other countries are attracted to Australia by its unique fauna and flora. I assure you that on the whole of our Planet there are people who are not indifferent, will lives koalas and other Australian original beings live, or not! Dear Australians, please keep in mind that koalas are not only your property, they are settled in Australia by God, and He instructed people to take care of all creatures, nature. If some peoples do not want to do this, other peoples may come and push them … If we do not want this to happen to us, we must be good caring masters in our land, for our nature.

What Gets Up my nose is that our major political parties appear only concerned with scrabbling across the next election line with no concern for non-voting species or future generations .

Swift Parrots are endangered and logging is making our Koalas endangered. Stop endangering our animals for the future on non sustainable profitering.

Very few countries have the diversity of animals that Australia is blessed with.”Australia’s shame! Animal Cruelty in Australia is a National Disgrace.”
The Australian parliamentarians and the people that voted for them have their hands stained with the blood of an Australian Icon. They are destroying the wildlife, our own native animals! What does that say about us as a country? Their actions are purely out of power-hunger, greed, arrogance, corruption, ignorance and savage cruelty.
They should hang their heads in shame.

Inelda has written something that hits the nail and and how it HURTS. I to are so ashamed of the Australian Parliamentarians and the people who voted for them. Our national Icon is on the Brink, what do they care.!!!!!!!!!!!

As a resident who lives very near to what was once a pristine and expansive Koala corridor, I must say that I am highly disappointed with protection being afforded only to the Koala and not the inclusive protection status of its natural habitat. Protect not just the species but it’s environment. You cannot have one without the other. You do not need to be a politician or scientist to work that one out.

Furthermore – Koala deaths in areas that have recently been cleared for development with local government and council approval ( after the neccesary attractive fees have been paid of course ) are blamed on vehicle strikes and either domestic or wild dog predation. Very little if any in the ways of accountability is taken upon the shoulders of those taking the cash payment for land clearing approval and those actually destroying and clearing the land.

Give it some serious thought. Own it. Hold yourselves accountable as many of us hold you accountable. The larger percentage of Koala deaths may very well not have occurred ( and have not occurred in such large numbers as they have recently ) if their habitat was not sold out from under them and destroyed for profit. The number of Australian people growing tired of the lies, deceitful and cruel destruction of our wildlife at the hands of the people we trust to otherwise protect it is increasing.

I am a wildlife carer and have removed the bodies of many a Koala along the Redcliffe Rail Link Line. Death in the face of arrogance for political and monetary gain has worn thin with many an Australian. It is time to embrace Life.

Money is made by governments councils and developers at the expense of our wildlife and their habitat. My money and the money of hundreds of carers is spent rehabilitating that which is destroyed for such financial gain.

Attitude reflects leadership.

Joe Emanuele

I’m a passionate wildlife supporter and take very seriously conservation and making sure those who hold the power do something to stop the already damage done BUT also prevent any further from humans that are only here on this planet for a short time. As Steve Irwin said, don’t own this planet we belong to it and we are clearly taking for granted the balance of every living breathing cell within the Eco system that once taken away from greed power and no respect will be left wishing we done something when we had the chance.


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