Take action to make the ban of dog meat sales at Yulin permanent

Animal Welfare

Thousands of dogs and cats, many of them stolen pets, are captured and transported over long distances under horrific conditions to Yulin, a city in China. There, they’re held in crowded cages without food or water until they are brutally killed. Often, they are beaten and their throats are slit in front of other terrified animals. Most Chinese citizens reject this practice, and we’re committed to supporting them in ending the festival.

This year, sources in China are reporting that the local government of Yulin will prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat at the city’s now-infamous festival.

The ban is set to come into effect on June 15–one week prior to the start of the event on the summer solstice. It’s meant to be strictly enforced, with fines of up to 100,000 yuan and the risk of arrest for violations. However, the ban is only temporary, and many dogs and cats will still be killed ahead of time. Because of your voice and millions of others, the Yulin festival has reduced in size since it first began in 2010. At its height, up to 15,000 dogs were killed for their meat during the festival days. But more recently, fewer dogs–2-3,000–have been killed during this time. Of course every life lost is one too many, and so together we fight on.

You can help make the ban permanent. Please thank Mr. Mo Gong Ming for taking a major step toward stopping the annual cruelty at Yulin and ask him to end the slaughter once and for all.

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Dog meat sales are a grossly bad practice, and makes me sick to think of such a thing. should be completely and permanently banned.

Robert Churchill

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi

There couldn’t be anything more inhuman than mistreating animals, and dogs are our best friends, they give us everything.

How could anyone look into their eyes and kill them, is beyond me!

I hope this ban is forever!

Please end this horrendous trade permanently!!!* THE WORLD IS WATCHING AND WE WILL NOT GIVE UP UNTIL THIS IS STOPPED

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandh

Quero Fazer parte de qualquer ajuda animal, amo os animais e não aceito nenhum tipo de crueldade contra eles, portanto me inclua nas ações a favor a proteção animal!


Gislene Mendes.

Please stop this mass murder of dogs/cats meat trade. These animals are our friends and pets.They are not meant to be eaten.We live in a modern society not backward country. Please ban the dog meat trade forever. The dog farms in China also need to close down forever. No consumption of dogs.cats meat. This is evil and not a culture at all.

Please ban this evil & Barbaric practice permamantly….Lost so much sleep over this..haunts me day n night.. I love dogs..cats..love my precious dogs as so many others love theirs. its inhumane doing this to such beloved pets. .

This is barbaric and inhumane. Dogs are loving companions and lifelong family members. Please stop this senseless massacre of dogs now and never to do it again. Thank you.

This is a public health crisis. This must not continue. You have no right to treat living animals in this insane barbaric way .
The spread of disease this meat trade is responsible for .
must be shut down and immediately .

Us as humans have a responsibility to show compassion.. where’s our humanity!

This cruel act is barbaric and cruel and completely unnessesary

The killing and torture of dogs and cats is being watched around the world. It truly is a blight on your nation and we ask that you show compassion and strength, and forever ban this horrific practice.

Cruelty to any animal is inhumane every way you look at it. Barbaric torture of MANS BEST FRIEND is the most dispicable appalling act anyone can do. A dog was a gift from God for man to be his companion. They are the most loyal loving devoted companion you could ever wish for. The hotrific torture of these beautiful animsls (along with any other animal that is subjected to any form of unnecessary pain and suffering) has to end. I am loosing faith in humanity today and I find myself questioning who are the humans today. Certainly not man kind

please please stop the murder of the animals who are in essence Man`s best friend. They feel the same pain fear and emotion as we do and only want a chance a life.

This is an evil practice and the horrendous way they are killed is beyond belief. Since I have got involved in this campaign I have had sleepless nights over the sick images I have seen. I am shaken and heartbroken by what is happening to dogs and cats don’t forget them too, it is so upsetting. How can you skin or boil a living beautiful soul, only sheer evil is capable of this 😥

Please STOP this mass murdering of DOGs and CATS. They are beautiful God’s Creatures and best friends to all Humans. They have a heart and feelings just like you and me. The DOG’s LOYALTY to any Human who respects these beautiful animals, is Paramount. No other human is capable of such a Loyalty like a DOG and they deserve to be spared from any harm or worse eaten by the very thing they are Loyal to. “Humans”!

This may be culturally acceptable elsewhere, same can be said about a lot of things, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do or ethically correct.

It is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting how these poor, innocent animals are treated and tortured.

Has to stop immediately !

This act of cruelty against defenseless and voiceless animals has to stop there is no need for humans to do this, these poor animals suffer greatly at the hands of humans. I am signing this in hope that this stops every living thing deserves the right to life and to feel safe from harm


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