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Animal Welfare

During the last federal election the Turnbull Government promised to ban cosmetics testing on animals and although we welcome their new Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017, we are concerned that it does not go far enough.  The bill has a loophole which would severely undermine the ban.

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It really is time that the abhorrent use of animals for the testing of cosmetics is stopped. I never purchase items unless they have ‘not tested on animals ‘ on the label, so to me it’s a no brainer to allow this cruelty to continue.

Yulin and ANY DOG MEAT TRADE is cruel,inhumane and NOT culture AT ALL – the dogs are tortured all in the name of MONEY.huMAN BEINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE SUPERIOR RACE – THEN ACT LIKE IT.WE are supposed to be CIVILIZED.

I wanted to lodge a formal complaint to the South Korean Embassy in Canberra about this barbaric farming this afternoon and when I went online, they made their complaints form all in Korean and not even google could translate that part of their website. So i’ll have to email them my formal complaint tomorrow instead.

Stop the loop holes.
Australia – this needs to be a PROPER ban, not just a token ban.

This is 2017, quit the unnecessary cruelty.

Thank you

There is absolutely NO reason why any animals should be subjected to testing – and the cosmetic companies know it.

That’s right! I have built up a beautiful collection of cosmetics and products that are not tested on animals. The quality is amazing. If small/local companies can produce this stuff, why can’t everyone??

Please stop torture of all animals. Just because they cannot say anything, doesn’t give us right to subject them to cruelty.

Would the decision makers implement the cessation of this insane practice! There must be an ethical and intelligent person amongst you somewhere…..

Most Australians care about animal welfare and are finally refusing to use products that have been tested on animals. We want a permanent and comprehensive ban on all cosmetic testing on animals in Australia. Legislation without loopholes!

I am astonished that Australia and so many other countries are so old-fashioned as to test on non-human animals at all. Why do it? There is no help to humans to be gained from this practice. Unless of course, those groups enjoy torture and murder. That would probably be it I suppose. Those groups must be stopped and all animals protected from being used as test subjects for any reason.

Cmon Australia…Stop the cosmetic tests on these defenseless animals…so barbaric….all for the sake of vanity….

Do unto others (including all innocent and defenseless Beloved Animals) as you would have them do unto you … we are somewhat like the beloved animals, the only difference is, they are born with innate abilities to understand the depth of life, humans still have to learn it. Being a humanitarian in this world is easy for most who have the gift of compassion, it is just so hard trying to convince the others, to understand the significance of being humane … all lives matter not just human life !!!

In this day and age, it astounds me that this practice (amongst others involving animals!) is still permitted to happen. Unbelievable and horrific.

We are a supposed civilised country..
This practice is cruel and not something that should be happening in this day and age..
What happened to animal welfare?
This should have been abolished years ago.

We live in the time were we now know animals don’t have to be tested on. It’s cruel, painful and not necessarily!
There are cosmetics which are not tested on animals, so why are you allowing this to go on?


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