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We need you to get lippy about loopholes in the Government’s proposed ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

In June 2016 we all welcomed the Turnbull Government’s election commitment to ban animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of newly animal tested cosmetic products and ingredients in Australia by 1st July 2017.  Following the initial public survey process, the Government has now released a Consultation Paper (March 2017) outlining their proposed strategies for implementing the ban and we can see some major loopholes.  (You can learn more about the Consultation here).

TAKE ACTION:  The Government is inviting feedback on the proposed strategies for the ban which is due by Friday 31st March 2017Help us make sure the Government delivers on their election commitment without any loopholes.  Please take 2 minutes to support our #BeCrueltyFree Australia campaign by providing feedback on the proposed strategies, objecting to loopholes that would allow cosmetic testing on animals and undermine the ban. Simply scroll down to sign your name because the animals can’t speak for themselves – we need to get lippy for them!

The deadline for feedback on the proposed strategies for the ban has now closed. Click here to see other actions you can take.

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Animals are NOT even a good yardstick for approving the safety of cosmetics.Their metabolisms are different from ours.It is ridiculous to say that components of say lipstick that do not cause problems with rabbits or rats should therefore be safe for use by a human.BUT.The MAIN THING IS that these tests are cruel and cause untold suffering and death to animals.PLEASE STOP TESTING. Be HUMANE.

I do not accept that a so called advanced country should be involved in inflicting suffering on animals
when it can be avoided. Other countries have stopped animal testing yet we seem to be planning on allowing it to happen.

You are not an animal lover until you are a vegan.
Hypocrites always unite when they proclaim to be animal lovers and eat the poor suffering lambs, rabbits, cowes, pigs, horses, kangaroos, fish, chickens and the list goes on and on

It is time to stop the exploitation of animals for such purposes as cosmetics testing (and for anything else for that matter). Animals are not here to support human vanity and stupidity.

New Zealand is so much more enlightened than Australia on so many issues and it seems that they have done it again.

I read that:
In 2016, New Zealand introduced a ban on animal testing. This ban prohibits the use of an
animal in any research, testing or teaching that is for the purpose of developing, making or
testing a cosmetic or ingredient. The ban on ingredients however is limited to those ingredients that are intended exclusively for use in a cosmetic.

Stop this cruelty and madness now!

There is no such thing as ethical cruelty, no matter the purpose or, so called, public health imperative .

If anyone wants to manufacture and market cosmetics, let them test them on themselves.

Cosmetics are created so that homo sapiens can feel better about themselves…and animals sacrifice themselves for that. OH PLEASE!!

The government has the opportunity to do what is right for the welfare of animals, by banning animal testing on all cosmetics. I am one of those people in the community who only buys products that are cruelty free.

Why bother even trying to protect animals from this cruel practice if there are going to be loopholes left in the legislation? It must be done right to effectively rid Australia of the products from this archaic and barbaric testing.


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