Tell the Senate about lethal shark nets

Tell the Senate about lethal shark nets

Turtles, dolphins, rays and sharks are all getting killed by shark nets and drumlines used at Australian beaches. These animals need your help to get these lethal traps out of the water.

The Parliament of Australia is holding a Senate Inquiry into ‘shark mitigation and deterrent measures’ currently in use in Australia. This is the perfect opportunity to let Australian senators know that lethal nets and drumlines used in New South Wales and Queensland are not the answer.

A copy will also go to relevant State and Federal Ministers. Now is your chance to speak out against these senseless deaths and there is not much time left!

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The deadline for comments to the Senate Inquiry has now closed. Click here to see other actions you can take.

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7 thoughts on “Tell the Senate about lethal shark nets

  1. I cannot understand the thinking of humans that we are happy to destroy the planet and this is one of the ways. Sharks belong in the ocean – we belong on the land. Sharknets are a ridiculous idea that causes suffering to animals. How would you feel being caught in a net and not being able to get free. Cruel cruel death for no reason.

  2. We continue to use so-called solutions which result in the destruction of the environment and terrible deaths for countless animals. The case in point is the use of shark-nets – which causes the senseless deaths of a wide variety of ocean-dwelling species. We humans need to exercise extra caution when we invade the habitat of predatory animals. We cannot destroy nature in the vain hope of of sanitising our recreation spaces, we must learn to co-exist. Say no to shark-nets.

  3. Sharknets are not the way to go. A person has more chance of getting killed on a road than in an ocean yet these sharks have the greatest chance of getting killed via drum lines than anything else. We need to have compassion for these animals. Their biodiversity is at heavy risk from human industries . We have devastated more animals lives than other species to each other. We need them in this world.

  4. The ocean provides humanity with over half of our oxygen- and therefore life. Depleting the marine animals in the ocean through the shark netting program will result in catastrophic trophic imbalance that will not only destroy the ocean, but our way of life. Sharks do not have a choice to swim in the ocean, they live there. We have the choice. Let’s not let the ocean pay for our fear and selfishness.

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